With five locations to serve you, we can ship all over the US while saving you money.

"Because of their locations, we have been able to keep freight charges to a minimum."

- Don Webb, MD Henry CO. Inc.


Our customers can count on their material being delivered correctly and on time.

"Whether we have a full on 5 alarm fire emergency or an order that isn’t due until 6 months from now, EDSCO always comes through for us."

- Chad Betts, Project Coordinator, DIS-TRAN Steel, LLC.


We understand that issues arise sometimes, so we strive to be the ones to assist you in handling them.

"My relationship with Inside Sales is one of the reasons we work with EDSCO. He will question any drawing that he thinks is in error and we resolve the problem up front."

-Don Webb MD Henry CO. Inc.

"EDSCO has the very best customer service in the industry. Fast, cooperative and helpful! In fact, I always use their service as an example for my people to copy."

- Greg Shaheen Senior VP of Operations V&S Schuler Engineering Inc


We pride ourselves on delivering what we say we are going to do. We will not settle for meeting expectations, we strive for exceeding them.

"We have the ultimate confidance in EDSCO to provide us with quality material and to deliver on the required date."

- Don Webb, MD Henry CO. Inc.

"It’s comforting to know that I can pick up the phone and get a friendly and knowledgeable service representative every time I call."

- Chad Betts Project Coordinator, DIS-TRAN Steel, LLC.


We employ several processes to assure that all material meets or exceeds specifications.

"We continue to do business with EDSCO because of their outstanding customer service and quality products they deliver."

- Igor Lubisco, Vice President of T&D, TransAmerican Power Products


We desire to provide our customers with the comfort of knowing they receive the most for their money.

"EDSCO has been a valued supplier to TransAmerican Power Products, Inc. for several years."

- Igor Lubisco, Vice President of T&D, TransAmerican Power Products

"We rate EDSCO as a top rate supplier."

- Don Webb, MD Henry CO. Inc.