We sweat the details, insuring that our foundation bolts and materials are made to customers’ specifications for any project in the world.

Smooth Bar Bolts

We manufacture bolts of all types and grades to your specification with cut threads from 1/2″ to 4″ and rolled thread bolts from 5/8″ to 2-1/4″

Bent BoltsFrom 1/2" to 4" radius bent bolts & shapes
Double-End Studs From 1/2" to 4" dia. Rolled or Cut thread
All thread studsFrom 1/2" to 4" dia. All Grades
Headed boltsFrom 1/2" to 4" dia. All Grades
Tie Rods From 1/2" to 4" dia. All Grades
Specialty U-BoltsPer design specs
Flange Studs From 1/2" to 4" dia. All Grades
Barrier PinsPer design specs

Rebar (Deformed Bar) Bolts

We manufacture rebar anchor bolts and threaded rebar in Gr60 and Gr75 to your specification with Cut threads from 5/8″ to 2-1/4″ and rolled thread available on 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″ and 2-1/4″

Bent BoltsGr. 75 (14J/18J rolled or cut thread)Gr. 60 cut thread
Double-End StudsGr. 75 (14J/18J rolled or cut thread)Gr. 60 cut thread
Single-End BoltsGr. 75 (14J/18J rolled or cut thread) Gr. 60 cut thread


We have the ability to plasma burn plate parts to your specification in thicknesses up to 2″

Anchor Bolt Setting Templates3/16" thick to 1-1/2" thick
High Def. plasma burned parts3/16" thick to 1-1/2" thick
Plate WashersPer design specs
Inbed PlatesPer design specs
Structural Base Plates To 1-1/2" thick
WeldmentsPer design specs


We manufacture and assemble anchor bolt cages to be shipped directly to your job-site at industry topping lead times for immediate installation

Anchor Bolt Cages Assembled per design spec. Rebar or smooth bar anchor bolts.
Rebar only foundation cagesAssembled per design spec.

Misc. Fabrication products

We have the capability to weld, cut, drill & fabricate your miscellaneous fabricated products to your specification.

Misc. cut/Drilled/welded support beamPer design spec
Nelson Stud inbed plates Per design spec
Misc. welded base supportsPer design spec
Flag Pole inbed support sleevesPer design spec
Welded thread stud platesPer design spec
Welded Pipe SleevesPer design spec

Misc. Anchoring products

With our supply chain relationships, we have the ability to provide your misc. anchoring needs along with any engineered product requirements as your one stop anchoring supplier.

Hilti Line of anchoring productsPer your requirements
Epoxy Anchors Per your requirements
Anchor Bolt Sleeves (Wison/Contec)Per your requirements

Bolt Hardware

We stock all major varieties of nuts and washers used in foundation anchoring including domestically melted and manufactured items to cover your DOT and specialty needs.

NutsAll Patterns and Coatings available
Heavy HexGr.2 to Gr. 2H finish per your requirements
Jam NutsGr.2 to Gr. 2H finish per your requirements
Finish NutsPer your Requirements
Lock NutsPer your Requirements
WashersStructural & USS Flat finish per your requirements
Structural WashersF436 finish to your spec
Standard Washers Finish to spec
Special Washers (extra thick)Per your specification
Plate WashersPer your specification
Lock Washers Per your specification
Square WashersPer your specification
Beveled WashersPer your specification
Tension Indicator WashersPer your specification

Mission Statement

EDSCO will be the preferred supplier of the products that we sell by being exceptionally reliable and operating with the highest level of integrity, while focusing on meeting our customers' needs.