EDSCO can produce a wide range of anchor bolts and fasteners for a variety of project types. Our quality and service has made us the preferred supplier of anchor bolts and fasteners for steel structures in a variety of end-use markets.

Market Offerings

Energy & Power Markets

EDSCO provides custom, make to order anchor bolts, anchor bolt cages and engineered foundation cages for projects world-wide.

  • Transmission
  • Substation
  • Power Plant
  • Wind
  • Solar


We provide many of the tower foundation anchor bolts and anchor bolt cages to the largest cellular communications companies in the US including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

  • Tower Foundations


EDSCO works with many State Department of Transportation across the United States, providing specialized anchor bolts and anchoring products for a variety of applications.

  • Strain Pole
  • Sign Structure
  • Bridge Foundation
  • Pedestrian Pole
  • High Mast Lighting
  • Barrier Wall Lighting
  • Barrier Wall Foundation
  • Bridge Lighting
  • Street/Parking Lot Lighting
  • Cabinet Anchoring

Industrial Construction

We manufacture and package all types of anchor bolts, foundation inbed plates and misc. fasteners per your requirements in order to be your one stop shop for all your foundation anchoring needs.

  • Structural Foundation
  • Misc. Anchoring

Sea port/Marine Construction

We have the capability of manufacturing threaded Tie Rods and Barrier Wall foundation rods up to 60′ in length and coated to your specifications.

  • Dock Wall Tie Rod
  • Barrier Wall Foundation

Mission Statement

EDSCO will be the preferred supplier of the products that we sell by being exceptionally reliable and operating with the highest level of integrity, while focusing on meeting our customers' needs.