EDSCO is committed to providing products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by utilizing a robust quality process to ensure that everything we ship meets the defined requirements and ships on time with full traceability. Our quality management system (QMS) is focused on continually improving the effectiveness of the system. There are a number of key elements to our quality process.

Management Commitment

The Leadership Team at EDSCO is committed to the effective execution of the Quality Management System, and continually improving its effectiveness. Weekly & monthly Leadership Team meetings cover the status of quality initiatives and issues on an ongoing basis. All new quality initiatives are presented company-wide by the top level management with a commitment to providing the resources necessary to achieve success.

Receiving Inspection

EDSCO inspects all in-coming materials to ensure that they meet specification. Supplier Certifications or Material Test Reports (MTRs) are collected and heat/lot numbers are logged for all incoming materials.

Process Inspection

Every process function has a defined Work Instruction to ensure product conformance to the required specifications. These inspections occur throughout every production run at a minimum rate of 10% for all critical functions.

Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices

Calibration of all measuring devices is performed on a regular basis. Calibration of all master measuring devices is performed by qualified external calibration services in order to maintain NIST traceability. The master measuring devices are then used to maintain NIST traceability for all internal calibration.

Final Quality Inspection

There is also a final quality inspection of the finished product prior to shipping to make sure that the product the customer receives matches their specifications.


EDSCO maintains full material traceability on every product that we produce. Each product component can be traced back to supplier Certification or MTR. EDSCO can provide a Certificate of Conformance (COC) for each shipment, as required by the customer.

Quality Audits

EDSCO performs frequent and regular quality audits of each production center in each of our facilities to ensure that equipment is performing to standard, and that product inspections are being performed as defined in the Work Instructions. We also perform supplier audits and evaluations on all component suppliers.

Non-Conformance Reporting

Any and all instances of non-conformance are documented as an opportunity for improvement.  Each NCR is reviewed to identify the root cause, and corrective action is taken as needed to eliminate the opportunity of future recurrence. Quality metrics are maintained and constantly reviewed by management to ensure that our operations strive toward continual improvement.

Mission Statement

EDSCO will be the preferred supplier of the products that we sell by being exceptionally reliable and operating with the highest level of integrity, while focusing on meeting our customers' needs.